Bachelor of Education in TESL, IIUM.

Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language, Kulliyyah of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia.

For real, there are a lot of people who don't know that we have Kuliyyah of Education in IIUM, Gombak.

How can you be here?

I think the procedure is worst than applying to be in IPG or something, because, most of the student of Kuliyyah of Education is originally form CFS IIUM with different backgrounds.

We was studying at the Foundation with different courses, and we start our degree with another different course. KAU ADE? HAHA.

Yet, outsiders still can apply to be in Kuliyyah of Education in IIUM, especially if you were from matriculation of TESL, MARA students who dont get enough points to further their study in overseas *ops* somewhere somehow can also apply to be here. trololol.

However, it is such a nice experience to be here because we have the smallest number of each batch every year, the highest number for a batch is around 60-70 person i think. Can fit in a class, and can be awesomely close together *kbye*

meh le belaja kat sini, nak apply mintak dengan A&R ek, mudah je, kot.

STILL kena ambik MEDSI test and interview whatever. hewhewhew.

What we have here are,

TAASL - Teaching Arabic as a Second Language
TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language
GUIDE - Guidance and Counselling
ISED - Islamic study -UstadUstajah-

sekian wassalam merapu kali ini. ;)

P/s : the writer is extremely bad in grammar and curretly here pursuing studies in TESL for the sake of teaching herself, tak lepas langsung to teach orhers.

For any questions, you can mail me at ,

It's my pleasure to entertain you but please don't ask stupid question like "akak lecturer ni best tak?" 

Aku hempuk gak. I don't learn to be a teacher by letting my colleagues exploiting my teachers here :)


sufiyyah zulkifli said...

but, What we have here is, TAASL - Arabs TESL - English GUIDE - Guidance and Counselling ISED - Islamic study -UstadUstajah- .. 'here' means? kulliyyah of education in IIUM? is it?

.meddyabraham. said...

yes sista. kuliyyah of education in IIUM :)

dont know what was wrong. x jadi paragraph. aaaa

Yayasss said...

Salam sister,
What would i do, if i'm a benl student then i want to change course to tesl? Hope u can help me to get better tips.

Ed Abraham. said...


Since u have already enrolled in BENL, all you need to do is to fill up the Change Course form in your academic profile at my.iium sites.

and u need to pay rm100 for that. hehe

the rest u can do is to consult your academic adviser and always keep in touch with A&R Division virtually and face to face :)

all the best :D

Anonymous said...

what is the requirement for taking TAASL??

Ed Abraham. said...

i am not from TAASL so i dont really know. but obviously, u need to have arabic background, bar, matrics of Arabic (if there is any) and a good pointer from ur dip or matrics to register.

u need to pass the medsi, and the interviewer. thats all that i know :D

Mariam Rezani said...

Assalam sis, yg kna reply accept or reject kt email tu kan, sy reply ACCEPT THE OFFER, ok tak camtu?

Ed Abraham. said...

If you want to, then it is okay :)

atiqah zulkefli said...

hai, sis if saya dlu kat cfs amek engin still boleh ker nak amek tesl in gombak nnt ?

Ed Abraham. said...
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Ed Abraham. said...

Hi :) Yes you can only if the university is opening for new intake. You need to be alert with the announcement in A&R website. And yes I have two good friends from Engine IIUM doing TESL with me now :)

atiqah zulkefli said...

waaa, glad to know that. thanks a lot for the information :*

Anonymous said...

Sis saya ada email sis nak tanya mcm2 abt tesl. Pls reply! ♥

Anonymous said...

interview dia mcm mana eh?

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