current song ; like only a woman can,brian mcfadden, videos of damon+elena. cool vid, ya, bec mr somerhalder as a damon is cool.

sememangnya di rumah. bercuti untuk 7 bulan.
ye la, menyahut seruan kerajaan kan.

ada bau hangit kat dapur, tapi malas nk tengok.

ok, pergi tengok jap.

dan, encik amir asyraf sedang goreng cekodok sampai hangit. haha.

tadi terbaca status seorang kawan,amat frust katanya. erm, tulisnya la.and there is a comment ; nk tahu cote bca kat blog sy.
see ; blog is ur diary , ur private diary i meant.
x kisahlah. they have their own right.

dan kestressan dia adalah kerana result exam rasanya.
dan saya sedar ; rupanya bukan sy sahaja yg x suka gagal.
kejam ayat weh. ok, rupanya, kegagalan itu amat pahit. and they might had it often, and me, just once. once, yg 2 pon x sempat feeling habis, terlebih hormon redha.
xde lah, redha tetap redha, tp cuak tu teramat, yang penting bila dah habis, bertawakkal lah.

lagi ; sebenarnya i ddnt expecting that there is a worlds for blogger, means, the live with it. follower beribu, gathering, comments beratus, it is cool. tapi kan, im wondering, how many times do they spend on their keyboard. hehe.

xde la, i know they r oredy hebat amat on that. kira tip top lah sume.

ain't like me. bukak seminggu sekali, kot. kalau dh lupa x bukak la berzaman, kalau bersemangat bukak la tiap jam. wee~
x pe lah, im not a blogger in list pon. buat blog sbb tengok org ada, kita nk jugak. then, pandai buat pandai la bertanggungjawab ye kakak. :)

boleh pulak bicara tentang dikir. :P

okay, its also a lame song.
entah kat mana la dengar ni, abe qih la ajar kak chik ni.

tapi saya suka lyrics dia, bec its a story.

tapi bila diutarkan pada seseorang yang bergelar lelaki,
dia marah.
marah weh.
katanya ; bangga la tu orang buat lagu macam tu?
bangga la orang puji2 mengidam kat dia?
rasa hebat sangat la tu?


tak sangka la pulak boleh dilihat dari sudut itu.

sekarang, inilah bukti,
lagu memuja wanita itu haram.
evendo lagu lain berlambak, tapi dah lagu ni je yang difahami maksud,
yang ni je yang dia hentam.

HARAM. HARAM puji wanita.

teringat suatu ketika ketika memuji seorang ustazah,

'ustazah, jubah ustazah cantik la, corak dia comel'

dan kemudian, ustazah tu ucap terima kasih, tapi lepas tu, beliau x berhenti bertahmid.
alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

terdetik di hati, erk, ustazah terlbeih perasan ke? (astaghfirullah! )

dan bila akal ni berfungsi sedikit,
alhamdulillah bermaksud, segala puji bagi Allah,
dan beliau mengucapkan itu bagi mengelakkan hati jadi riak, dan memindahkan puji pujian itu kepada Allah. [entah.betul.tidak.ayat.neh]
kalau kita, kalau saya la,
saya buat tataw je,
bangga mungkin ada sedikit, tapi banyak buat poyo je. sebab tataw nk bg respon ape.
dan ustazah, pujian baginya adalah pujian untuk penciptaNya.

ok, back to the topic.
category lagu ni dalam dikir, tapi asal xde hu ha hu ha tu, dan boleh didengar, dengar la jugak jarang2.

> daripada dengar lagu ambo rasa nak bini yang benjie nyanyi.
hadoi, sapo la ajar neh.

megat nordin, ambo raso bekeney lyrics ;

Baru tengok ambo raso bekene,
Ore jangok serto come,

Ore sedap kelih amboi kulit putih,
Lemoh lembut gayo baik budi bahaso,
Sari tok kelih aii nok duduk toklih,
Ati dale dado toktau nok kato..

Tapi ambo bimbe takutnyo laye,
Mugo balik kawe serbo serbi kure,
Demo ore come serto sedap kelih,
Ramai ore bekene buleh tehe nok pilih..

Baru tengok hati bekene...

Duk nati-nati, nati nok tengok,
Puah bediri ambo duduk congok,
Duk tunggu-tunggu, tunggu nok kelih,
Dipasar minggu di wokaf che yeh...

Bo moleknyo lalu nok tegur raso malu,
Nok sebut tok keno mugo tak tahu namo,
Bimbe takutnyo maroh ke buleh pekdoh,
Ambo hile gamok dio tengok ambo tengok...

Napok-napok tu ado gayo
Ambo senyum gak dio suko,
Nyo mari brani gak sreto metro
Ado giye doh balik ambo...

Baru tengok hati bekene...


Ambo cubo nok masuk dekat,
Kalu buleh ambo nok tanyo,
Kalu sudi tolonglah jawab,
Adik manis siapo namonyo...

buat poyo je~~

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood, or al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun, is Egypt's oldest and largest Islamist organisation.

Founded by Hassan al-Banna in the 1920s, the group has influenced Islamist movements around the world with its model of political activism combined with Islamic charity work.

The movement initially aimed simply to spread Islamic morals and good works, but soon became involved in politics, particularly the fight to rid Egypt of British colonial control and cleanse it of all Western influence.

Today, though officially banned and subject to frequent repression, the Ikhwan lead public opposition to the ruling National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power since 1981.

While the Ikhwan say that they support democratic principles, one of their stated aims is to create a state ruled by Islamic law, or Sharia. Their most famous slogan, used worldwide, is: "Islam is the solution".

The Ikhwan's most frequently used slogan is: "Islam is the solution"

After Banna launched the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, branches were set up throughout the country - each running a mosque, a school and a sporting club - and its membership grew rapidly.

Hassan al-Banna was assassinated by an unknown gunman in 1948
By the late 1940s, the group is believed to have had as many as two million followers in Egypt, and its ideas had spread across the Arab world.

At the same time, Banna created a paramilitary wing, the Special Apparatus, whose operatives joined the fight against British rule and engaged in a campaign of bombings and assassinations.

The Egyptian government dissolved the group in late 1948 for attacking British and Jewish interests. Soon afterwards, the group was accused of assassinating Prime Minister Mahmoud al-Nuqrashi.

Banna denounced the killing, but he was subsequently shot dead by an unknown gunman - believed to have been a member of the security forces.

In 1952, colonial rule came to an end following a military coup d'etat led by a group of young officers calling themselves the Free Officers.

The Ikhwan played a supporting role - Anwar al-Sadat, who became president in 1970, was once the Free Officers' liaison with them - and initially co-operated with the new government, but relations soon soured.

>Egypt's oldest and largest Islamist organisation
>Founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928
>Has influenced Islamist movements worldwide
>Mixes political activism with charity work
>Banned from open political activity
>Rejects use of violence and supports democratic principles
>Wants to create a state governed by Islamic law
>Slogan: "Islam is the Solution"
>After a failed attempt to assassinate President Gamal Abdul Nasser in 1954, the Ikhwan were blamed, banned, and thousands of members imprisoned and tortured. The group continued, however, to grow underground.

This clash with the authorities prompted an important shift in the ideology of the Ikhwan, evident in the writing of one prominent member, Sayyid Qutb.

Qutb's work advocated the use of jihad (struggle) against jahili (ignorant) societies, both Western and so-called Islamic ones, which he argued were in need of radical transformation.

His writings - particularly the 1964 work Milestones - inspired the founders of many radical Islamist groups, including Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda.

In 1965, the government again cracked down on the Ikhwan, executing Sayyid Qutb in 1966 and making him a martyr throughout the region.

During the 1980s the Ikhwan attempted to rejoin the political mainstream.

The Muslim Brotherhood is officially banned and subject to frequent repression
Successive leaders formed alliances with the Wafd party in 1984, and with the Labour and Liberal parties in 1987, becoming the main opposition force in Egypt. In 2000, the Ikhwan won 17 seats in the People's Assembly.

Five years later, the group achieved its best election result to date, with independent candidates allied to it winning 20% of the seats.

The result shocked President Mubarak. The government subsequently launched a crackdown on the Ikhwan, detaining hundreds of members, and instituted a number of legal "reforms" to counter their resurgence.

The constitution was rewritten to stipulate that "political activity or political parties shall not be based on any religious background or foundation"; independent candidates were banned from running for president; and anti-terrorism legislation was introduced that gave the security forces sweeping powers to detain suspects and restrict public gatherings.

Leaders of President Mubarak's ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) also worked hard to reduce the likelihood of further opposition gains in the November 2010 parliamentary elections.

But their efforts backfired somewhat - the failure of candidates allied to the Ikhwan to win a single seat in the first round was accompanied by allegations of widespread fraud.

The Muslim Brotherhood boycotted the second round of the November 2010 elections
The group subsequently joined other opposition parties in announcing a boycott of the second round, and the NDP was left in the embarrassing situation of taking more than 80% of the seats in the People's Assembly.

The continued repression of the opposition was one of the main triggers for the mass anti-government protests by thousands of Egyptians in late January 2011, which saw the NDP's headquarters in Cairo set on fire.

The Ikhwan were blamed for fomenting the unrest, but its deputy general guide, Mahmoud Izzat, insisted it was a popular uprising.

"We are part of the people. The people are demanding the basics - mainly the necessities of life - and they have the right to do so. The people also demand their freedom and the dissolution of the fake parliament," he told al-Jazeera TV.

"The youths want the demonstrations to be peaceful but the regime uses excessive violence against the youths, such as rubber bullets."

by ; BBC NEWS.

and im not that great to give a comment, my humble opinion, i think the news is being fair. :D

"Like Only A Woman Can"

an old song.
lama ke? lame la jugak.
setelah keberangkatan briAN mc fadden dari westlife,
dari BRYAN kepada BRIAN. his real name.

memang la termata banyak gossip pasal dia, dan memusuhi dia.
tapi x kisahlah. its just a song. yang mana baik ambik, yg x baik, leave it.

I wasn't perfect
I done a lot of stupid things
Still no angel
I wasn't looking for forgiveness
I wasn't laid up by my pride
Just shocked by her attention

Did someone sign me up for love?
I didn't want it
But now I can't live without it

She changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I'm sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can

She's kinda perfect
She's kinda everything I'm not
Yes, she's an angel
It's amazing how she's patient
Even more at times I'm not
She's my conscience

But who decided I'd be hers?
I want to hate them
Cause now I can't live without her

She changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I'm sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can

Like only a woman can

But who decided I'd be hers?
I want to hate them
Cause now I can't live without her

She changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I'm sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can.

bila aku jatuh cinta. :)

Posted on January 4, 2011 by razifbinmohamed

Allahu Rabbi aku minta izin

Bila suatu saat aku jatuh cinta

Jangan biarkan cinta untuk-Mu berkurang

Hingga membuat lalai akan adanya Engkau


Allahu Rabbi

Aku mohon dan meminta

Bila suatu saat aku jatuh cinta

Penuhilah hatiku dengan bilangan cinta-Mu yang tak terbatas

Biar cintaku pada-Mu tetap utuh


Allahu Rabbi

Izinkanlah bila suatu saat aku jatuh cinta

Pilihkan untukku seseorang yang hatinya penuh dengan kasih-Mu

dan membuatku semakin mengagumi-Mu


Allahu Rabbi

Bila suatu saat aku jatuh hati

Pertemukanlah kami

Berilah kami kesempatan untuk lebih mendekati cinta-Mu


Allahu Rabbi

Pintaku terakhir adalah seandainya kujatuh hati

Jangan pernah Kau palingkan wajah-Mu dariku

Anugerahkanlah aku cinta-Mu…

Cinta yang tak pernah pupus oleh waktu



˙ɹǝʌǝ ɹǝʌǝu

i had never ever wished
never wished to have people know me.

i dont want anybody know me.

ddnt say that im ashame with my self, nope.
really not.

but i dont want people to know me.

tu je.
ape la susah sangat.
Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said, "The contrast between a person who glorifies Almighty Allah and one who does not remember Him is like that between the living and the dead."

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. ~

Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. ~
then, its better for not finding a reason to broke it.

لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى يحب لأخيه ما يحب لنفسه;
None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.

do love urself,
and do love others,
because u will get one if u be one.

thank you. :)